learning@home refers to the ways schools will maintain teaching and learning in the event of a prolonged school closure or student absence.

The Department of Education has a number of online tools and resources to support students.

Curriculum resources for English and Mathematics are available for students to complete at their own pace. Students in Prep to Year 3 may require support to read and understand instructions.

The resources provided here are a sample of activities that can be printed and are designed as a support tool for students to continue their learning and engage in familiar activities essential to their learning and wellbeing.

Additional online resources are available for Queensland state school students through the Learning Place website using student log in. This is the same logon and password that students use to log onto the computers in their classrooms.

Online Learning @ EASS

In addition to these resources, East Ayr State School has developed its own approach to Online and Remote Learning to ensure that it's students continue to become healthy, confident and resilient young people.

We have three very important elements to our approach.  We feel that each of these strategies replicates an important aspect of the classroom.  The following information will help our parents and families to support our young people while they are learning@home.

1. Communication is key- All of our online learners and families use Seesaw to keep in contact.  The Seesaw app ( replicates the teacher in a classroom.  It provides the ability to call individuals or groups to attention, to share information, to ask important questions and to set learning tasks.  This application can be used on the web or your mobile device.  Our students will need the class app and our families are able to download the family app to stay across class activities and demonstrations of learning.

2.  Organisation is essential- Microsoft OneNote allows our learners and their Online Learning Coordinators to interact on all things Teaching and Learning.  We have set up Class Notebooks to act as the student workbooks.  This web-based application is the place where teachers set work, share resources, add photos and videos.  Our students demonstrate their learning and understanding in their private note books and are able to collaborate with other learners in the Collaboration Space.  This program includes tools to help teachers guide their learners through the week and makes it easy to review student work and to provide feedback.

3. Problem solving keeps learning progressing- The final piece of the Online Learning puzzle is about being able to replicate the classroom whiteboard.  Web conferencing is utilised to run explicit learning episodes and to challenge student learning through a gradual release of responsibility.  New concepts can be modelled and supported through expert thinking, questions used to maintain student focus and collaborative tasks can be issued to help students represent their learning in the required manner.

While Online Learning is a relatively new concept for our community, the staff at East Ayr State School are confident we have the approach and skills to ensure all of our learners attain the achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum.

Last reviewed 09 April 2020
Last updated 09 April 2020